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Repair Specialist

Ascot Gate Automation specialise in repairing and maintaining gates. Our engineers our fully qualified in all electrical gate systems (Beninca, Faac, Came, Nice and many more), also fully qualified in all access control and door entry systems (Videx, Bpt, AES, Daitem and many more). Electric gates are great when they are working but when they don’t you will need a expert in automated gate repair as soon as possible.

Most automated gate systems have a manual override to allow access in and out in the unfortunate event your gates stop working. However, leaving your malfunctioning gates open for too long could jeopardise the security of your property so call us today to arrange you gate repair on 01753 917877.


Automatic gate systems offer security for your property and their continued performance is relied upon every day by every user. In the unfortunate event your gates stop working causing a security risk, we offer a rapid call out response to resolve the problem and have your gates back working efficiently.

Ascot Gate Automation offer various security systems. CCTV is fast becoming a must-have security solution for protecting your home and your business premises, whether you require the latest state-of-the art system, or just a single camera, we are capable of creating a system to suit your needs.

Access control and door entry systems are an increasingly popular security feature. We supply access control and door entry systems to new and existing gates. The systems we use are the latest in technology which work with your mobile phone, whereby someone can ring your intercom from your gate which will then ring your mobile phone.

We also offer wired and wireless systems which will call you from your gate to a handset inside the property. We have very competitive prices and will try and beat any quote given.


It is very important to service your electric gates, keeping your gates well maintained can prevent expensive breakdowns. Ascot Gate Automation recommend for a residential gate which may be used as little as twice a day would only require a annual service. A commercial gate which may be used frequently may require a higher level of maintenance.

In terms of servicing, we offer an annual service and maintenance agreements. In a service undertaking by us your gate system is inspected with 15 point checklist covering motors are oiled and greased, hinges are correctly wielded and greased, components are waterproof and sealed, every component is checked that it is working as it should be, all safety components are tested and many more. A report is done from the engineer post visit and any recommendations would be passed on, leaving your gates long lasting and reliable.

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