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Ensure your business premises are secure


Services for Commercial Properties

We appreciate that your business premises are the core of your operations and demand the best security. That’s why, at Ascot Gate Automation, we not only prioritise the performance of our automatic gate systems to safeguard your property but also offer a variety of security solutions to enhance your entrance’s appearance and safety. With your direct input, we design, plan, install, and maintain commercial gates to the highest standards while minimising disruptions to your business.

About Us

Take a look at the different gates we have to offer:

Sliding Gates

Our Cantilever Sliding Gates are made from Aluminium construction which gives the benefit of strength and durability whilst minimising the weight of the gate, meaning we can offer extended options on the clear opening and height requirements.

Our sliding gates are fully assembled ready to bolt down and as soon as they are commissioned they are compliant to all standards. This minimises disruption on site and leaves a beautifully finished product which will serve for many years.

Swing gates

Automatic Swing Gates are the ideal solution where speed of opening and closing is essential or where space is at a premium. Our gates typically opens faster and safer than traditional swinging gates retrofitted with electro or hydraulic motors.
Our swing gates can be manufactured with a variety of infill options, from standard vertical bar, solid steel or timber, and decorative steel designs. We are able to design a gate to your exact requirements or match an existing fence or gate type.

Barrier systems

Automatic barriers are electromechanical devices used to control and monitor vehicle entry and exit in various settings such as car parks, private areas, and industrial premises. They are designed to offer a long working life with excellent security and safety features. We offer a wide range of automatic car park barriers suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Commercial gates tend to be used more frequently than residential gates so require more attention to keep safe. We recommend a commercial gate that is used more than 6 times a day to be serviced every 6 months.

If your automated gates do not comply with the latest safety regulations an engineer will report back and advise you as a customer what is required.

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