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Repairs & Maintenance


Professional, Reliable, and Affordable Gate Repair Service

 In the event of your automated gate system not working you can depend on Ascot Gate Automation to attend promptly, we pride ourselves on offering gate repair you can count on. Our engineers have a wide range of knowledge across all automation brands on the market and many years experience in the industry to ensure a fast and reliable service. Once an engineer has visited site for a gate repair should you require and parts replacing or any additional work we would then quote accordingly for this.

Onsite Diagnosis
Motor & Control Panel Replacements
Onsite Welding

Gate Service

At Ascot Gate Automation we highly recommend gate servicing to prevent highly expensive repair costs. The longevity of your automated gates is dependant on gate servicing and maintenance. Please see what is included in a gate service:

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  • Check overall system
  • Force testing
  • Check alignment of hinges and gates
  • Check gate for any structural issues on frame
  • Inspect the gate whilst opening/closing
  • Full safety inspection checking photocells are aligned, safety edges are fully operating and the gate stops and returns on impact
  • Inspect for any oil leaks
  • Lubricate all mechanical parts
  • Lubricate hinges and pins
  • Check gate automation settings: speed, slow down upon opening and/or closing
  • Check manual release in case of power failure
  • Inspect earth cables and any other visible cable within and around the motor
  • Check access keys and key fobs
  • Check intercom systems
  • Inspect general overall condition of the gate

As a gate safe installer, we cover all aspects of gate safety during a service.

A residential gate which is used 5-6 times a day should be service every 12 months, we recommend a commercial gate or an automated gate that is used more than 5-6 times a day should be serviced every 6 months.

If your automated gates do not comply with the latest safety regulations an engineer will report back and advise you as a customer what is required.

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Automated Gate Repair

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Available Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm

£125 + VAT

1 hour

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Available Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm

£180 + VAT

2 hours